Merge your orbs, Defend your land With power of 13 mystical dragons
Orbler is a tower defense, play to earn(P2E)
blockchain game that requires skillful thinking and planning to achieve victory.
Become the Master Orbler, defend your region, and fight your enemy with magical orbs!
Game Guide
PvP Battle
PVP is a game that wins if you catch mobs that come along a given line and outlast your opponent for longer. Each Orbs is randomly selected and strengthens each time you combine the same Orbs. To draw marbles, you can draw Orbs with the SP you gain from catching mobs.
Co Op War
Cooperative mode is not a PVP competition, but a mode where you play a round with your opppnent. The number of mobs that appear in each round is fixed, and it is an infinite mode where you reach higher rounds by catching mobs per round.
Extra Features
Play to Earn
Orbler supports a new concept of P2E through the POCS method. This will differentiate it from the existing P2E model with infinite inflation mechanism.
NFT Collection
Orbler supports two types of NFTs: ORB and ORBLER(Dragon), which allows gamers to enjoy more dynamic games and increase the value.
Proof of Play
Orbler will bring the gaming ecosystem to life by introducing the concept of proof-of play. This is the basic concept of POCS and surveillance node.
Fully Decent-Gov
Orbler’s direction will be determined by decentralization through the ORBR token, which will be the basic condition for on-chain and decentralization of the game
NFT Card
All ORBs are characterized by individual skills that interact with opponents.
The classification of individual Orbs depends on distinct skills that each Orb possesses.
Each skill has unique characteristics and causes different effects on an opponent or enemy.
Orbler has 6 different types of rarity: Common, Superior, Rare, Epic, Unique, and Legendary. The rarity of Orbler determines multiple additional stats applied to the base stats of Orbler.
NFT Marketplace Implementation ORBR staking for Watch to Earn: Mini-Synopticon DAO establishment
Orbler Game Closed Beta Test Community Building and Events Completion of Nest NFT Designs NFT Functionality Test
Orbler Game Open Beta Test ( Testnet ) MSP Token Mint Genesis Nest Mint Sale Marketing campaign
Orbler Game v1.0 Official Release Msp Token release NFT airdrop Event. Genesis Orbler NFT Public Free Mint Weekly Tournaments and Leaderboard Release
Orbler Nest
Orblers are territorial creatures who guard their lands for the vast amount of resources spread out through the mountain ranges.
Other creatures constantly attempt to intrude the land of Orblers to acquire Orbs or even Orbler eggs for their high values.
Players are tasked to nurture their land for further resource production while defending against waves of enemies.
Orbler News
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